Metro Guard Bed Bug Services

You want a bed bug service that works quickly, safely and effectively. With Metro Guard’s proven bed bug service, you can rest assured knowing your problem has been solved. Our bed bugs specialists work using our proven protocol.

  • We identify the problem and the extent of the infestation
  • We communicate what initial preparation must be done before service
  • We use specialized equipment and products, carefully eliminating the problem
  • We use 2 man crews to properly move and replace all furniture
  • We respect your home by working cautiously and cleaning up after our service
  • We follow up our service with planned return inspections and applications
  • We back our work with an industry leading warranty

Bed bugs are difficult to control. They can be found hiding in bed frames, furniture, closets, and behind pictures. They will even hide in electrical outlets and tiny wall cracks. A careful inspection is critical to eliminating bed bugs.

A good inspection is the road map for the service to be performed!!

Preparing for a bed bugs service ensures a quality service and fewer return visits. Here’s how:

  • Find some clean plastic storage bins or several plastic trash bags for storage
  • Remove all bedding such as sheets, blankets, pillowcases and mattress covers. Wash these items and store in the bins or bags. Do not put them back in the room.
  • Clean out any cluttered closets, place shoes in bags.
  • Wash all clothing – YES everything! Place clothing in bins or bags – do not put them back in the room.
  • Remove all items from dresser drawers, night stands or any other storage area. Wash any clothing items. Remove toys and throw away boxes or unused items.
  • Vacuum floors, closets, furniture, cushions, drawers, box spring and mattress. Seal vacuum bag and dispose.
  • After service, find a place to enjoy a few hours while our products dry.


Here are some helpful tips to lessen the odds of a Bed Bug infestation.

  • Treat baseboards as part of overall home pest control
  • Ask your hotel if they have experienced Bed Bug problems (they may tell you)
  • Use luggage stands at hotels avoid placing clothes in drawers
  • Treat your luggage with a preventative spray (available through Metro Guard)
  • Inspect your luggage when returning home
  • Wash all clothes upon returning – regular wash will kill Bed Bugs
  • Inspect your mattress occasionally when you change your linens
  • Sanitation alone will not eliminate Bed Bugs
  • Call a professional upon first signs of a problem. Bed Bug services can cost more as the problem gets worse.

Are you a frequent traveler?

We offer an aerosol spray that you can use as a preventative on your luggage or any other water-safe fabric. In cases where you know you have been exposed to Bed Bugs, we recommend using this spray on the items exposed. This product comes in a 17oz can for $19.99 plus delivery/shipping. Call us for Details