Bed Bugs


BedbugsBed Bug numbers are rapidly increasing around the United States. Metro Guard Termite & Pest Control is concerned about how this development may affect you when you travel or when visitors travel to see you. Hotels are unlikely to tell you when they have a Bed Bug problem.

These insects will travel on luggage, moving trucks, and furniture delivery trucks to name a few. Consider that when a new mattress is delivered, the old mattress is placed in the truck with the other deliveries.

Adult bed bugs are about the size of an apple seed. They are great hitchhikers. We would like you to read the following which will assist you in recognizing and understanding these insects.


BedBugsInMattressBed Bugs are small wingless insects (3/16 of an inch or 4-5mm long) and are fast runners. Adult bed bugs are about the size of an apple seed. They are rust brown in color and change to a deeper red/brown (mahogany) color after a blood meal.

Bed Bugs are flat and oval shaped. They develop in stages and shed their skin five times. Females will lay 200-500 eggs in a lifetime. Eggs are white/clear in color and are very small. Several eggs can fit inside the head of a screw. Bed Bugs will travel more than 20 feet for a blood meal but can survive for months without feeding.

A blood meal requires 3-10 minutes and usually goes un-noticed by the victim. Some persons react strongly to bites while others may not even know they have been bitten. Studies have shown people who have been bitten repeatedly can show symptoms such as nervousness, agitation and sleeplessness. Bed Bugs are nocturnal creatures and will come out of hiding at night to feed. They feed exclusively on blood. Most common areas for bites are the sides, shoulders and arms.

In early infestations, Bed Bugs are usually found in the vicinity of their host such as on a mattress or sofa. As infestations grow, these insects will move to baseboards, moldings, furniture, behind pictures/wallpaper and under carpet. Bed Bugs usually stay in close contact with each other and can give off a distinctive sickly sweet-smell in numbers as small as 50 insects.

Blood spotting on mattresses and shed skins are a common clue to an infestation. Although Bed Bugs have been associated with over 25 diseases, transmission to humans has not been conclusively proven.


Here are some helpful tips to lessen the odds of a Bed Bug infestation.

  • Treat baseboards as part of overall home pest control
  • Ask your hotel if they have experienced Bed Bug problems (they may tell you)
  • Use luggage stands at hotels avoid placing clothes in drawers
  • Treat your luggage with a preventative spray (available through Metro Guard)
  • Inspect your luggage when returning home
  • Wash all clothes upon returning – regular wash will kill Bed Bugs
  • Inspect your mattress occasionally when you change your linens
  • Sanitation alone will not eliminate Bed Bugs
  • Call a professional upon first signs of a problem. Bed Bug services may cost more as the problem gets worse.

Are you a frequent traveler?

We offer an aerosol spray that you can use as a preventative on your luggage or any other water-safe fabric. In cases where you know you have been exposed to Bed Bugs, we recommend using this spray on the items exposed. This product comes in a 17oz can for $19.99 plus delivery/shipping. Call for details: (817) 468-2847 or (972) 468-2847

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