Mosquito FAQ’s

Is your mosquito control program safe? Yes. We mix and apply all mosquito control products in accordance with their labels. We use only products that are labeled for residential mosquito control and approved by the EPA for that purpose. We designed our program to use the most effective and environmentally friendly products. We also apply them in such a way that the particle size is very small. This means less concentration in one area, faster drying times and lower overall use rates. All this adds up to a safer application and greater mosquito control.

Do I have to be home for the service? No. First time mosquito customers should try to be home for the first service so we can explain our system and check with you for any special concerns or instructions.

What about my pets? Pets should be brought inside during service. They can return to the yard in about an hour. Our larvicide products will not likely be eaten by your pet but they are not harmful and non-toxic should they be ingested.

What about the live fish in my fish pond? We do not recommend treating the adult mosquitoes near fish ponds because fish are very sensitive to many things. We still recommend using this service for other areas and to identify mosquito breeding sites and applying larvicide.

Do I need to do anything to prepare for service? Please make sure all children’s toys that are outside are put away. Outdoor pet food bowls and pet toys should also be placed inside.

How long does the mosquito service take? It depends on the size of your yard but normally about an hour.

What about my spice plants or vegetable garden? We recommend avoiding any gardens that produce edible products including nuts. Some of our products are intended for use in vegetable gardens. Check with our technician when he arrives. Always wash any produce before eating.

What if it is raining or very windy on my service date? If it is raining we will perform the inspection and the larvicide portion of the service. We’ll reschedule the adult mosquito treatment for when the rain stops. Our product needs time to dry before it is exposed to rain. After the product is dry – rain will not render it ineffective. Depending on wind speeds we may need to reschedule service or wait until later in the day

How long before the kids can go outside? We recommend you wait until the product is dry before kids return to the yard – usually about 30min to an hour. During the summer months the product dries very quickly due to the small particle size. If the children are wearing shoes and they stay away from treated foliage, they will not be exposed to anything harmful.

Will the service damage my plants or lawn? No. Not only has the manufacturer tested the products for the application we are providing but we have thoroughly tested the products also. Many factors can contribute to a plant or lawn turning brown such as heat, water (too much or not enough), fertilizer, insects and many more. We tested our system for over a year and did not record any issues with plants or lawns.

What if I see a mosquito or two after service? Our treatment works quickly but best results are seen a couple days later. In addition, the larvicide takes time to reduce the emerging mosquito population. Mosquitoes can travel from other sites, so it is possible you will see some mosquitoes after treatment. Best results are achieved with regular monthly service to control adult mosquitoes and regular larvicide applications.

I’m having an outdoor party – when should I schedule service? It is best to have the treatment done at least 3 days before you plan an outdoor event. Because time slots fill quickly, it would be best to call 5 days prior to the day you want mosquito service.

How often should I have the service done? We recommend monthly service. The products we use have an outdoor effective period of around 30 days. A seven month program provides you great control all season long and is very budget friendly. Contact us for a quote.