What Would You Do Without All Those Mosquitoes?

Mosquito reduction is just a phone call away. Our unique mosquito control system combines environmentally safe breeding site prevention with our adult mosquito treatment.

Summer evenings are the perfect time to sit outside. Don’t let mosquitoes spoil your fun. There’s no contract. Choose the months you want service – it’s easy! Prices start at just $99.95 for a 1/2 acre lot.

So why wait? Contact us today.


Controlling Mosquitoes Takes a Plan

  • We inspect your yard for mosquito breeding sites
  • We make note of items to consider before treatment begins
  • We use eco-friendly mosquito larvicide products
  • Our larvicide products will help stop new mosquitoes from emerging
  • We identify any conditions that create mosquito breeding sites
  • We treat mosquito resting areas using our unique methods
  • There is no obligation for additional mosquito services
  • There are no contracts to sign. Choose when you want service
  • Enjoy your yard – contact Metro Guard today

Having a party?

Call us early and plan your mosquito service a few days before everyone arrives.

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