Residential and Commercial Pest Control Services in Dallas

Metro Guard is a local pest control company serving the Dallas/DFW area since 1991. We feel the primary thing that has kept us in business locally for over 25 years is fact that our work attitude is different from most of our competitors. We have earned the trust of so many customers because we do the best job we can do, we are proud of what we do and we do what we say we’ll do!

We are proud to have been offering pest control services for Residential homes, condos as well as Commercial offices, showrooms, warehouses and medical facilities. We use proven techniques and products that ensure a safe and effective elimination of your pest problem.

Metro Guard provides rodent, pest and termite control services for many large facilities including food handling areas. We have valued residential and commercial customers in every suburb and major city throughout the DFW metroplex. We feel you don’t get that kind of reputation just from advertising. You get it from earning the trust of your clients.

You can schedule a time that is convenient for you. We can set up services monthly  or annually based on your pest control requirements. Some customers require same day service and with our fleet of 30 vehicles we are one of the few companies that can provide that level of service. 

Bed Bug Removal


Bed bugs aren’t harmful in terms of spreading disease, but these tiny blood-sucking insects can certainly make you feel unclean and can destroy your reputation. No one likes the idea of little bugs crawling all over them and feeding on their blood as they sleep.

Metro Guard can professionally, economically and efficiently eliminate bed bug infestation!  

Rodent Control


Rodent control for businesses varies significantly from residential control.

That why we offer:

  • A detailed inspection of your facility focusing on harborages, access points and sanitation areas.
  • Identifying  the kind of rodents you are dealing with.
  • Identification of remedial measures including sanitation and structural alterations.
  • A warranty that gives you peace of mind that the issue is resolved.

Please contact us at:

Fort Worth: 817-572-3995

Mid Cities: 817-468-2847

Dallas: 972-468-2847or Fill out the form online.

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