Metro Guard Commercial Pest Control Dallas / Fort Worth

Metro Guard provides rodent, pest and termite control services for many large facilities including food handling areas. We have commercial customers in every suburb and major city throughout DFW.

  • Our control programs are custom designed for your facility and our services are scheduled at times convenient for you.
  • Our custom programs provide service monthly, quarterly or annually based on your pest control needs.
  • Some businesses require same day service which our fleet of 30 vehicles can provide. We understand your business comes first.
  • Our customer service department and billing department know commercial accounts are not the same as residential customers. We provide the specialized service many commercial accounts need.
  • Our insurance coverage meets or exceeds what is commonly requested.
  • We provide prompt documentation and service which allow you to concentrate on things other than your pest control company.
  • Metro Guard carries Worker’s Compensation Insurance.

Commercial Pest Control Services

Bed Bug Service

Bed Bugs – Commercial Services

Metro Guard Commercial Bed Beg ServiceAfter years of virtually disappearing from the hospitality industry and commercial settings, the bed bug is once again showing up in exclusive hotels, moving trucks, airplanes and schools.  Bed bugs aren’t considered to be dangerous since they have not been shown to transmit disease.  But these small, night time, blood-feeding insects can damage your reputation and your bottom line.  Don’t let handling upset customers and bad publicity from these pests become part of your job.

  • We identify the problem and the extent of the infestation
  • We communicate what initial preparation must be done before service
  • We use specialized equipment and products, discretely eliminating the problem
  • We clean up after our service, leaving your facility appearing untouched
  • We follow up our service with planned return inspections and applications
  • We back our work with an industry leading warranty

Metro Guard Termite & Pest Control has a proven step by step process for eliminating bed bugs from your facility.  Our trained professionals know where to treat and how to treat to eliminate bed bugs the first time.

Get proven results from a company that specializes in bed bug treatments.

Rodent Service

Rodent Control – Commercial Services

Rodent control for businesses varies greatly from residential control.  Metro Guard Termite & Pest Control has nearly two decades of experience dealing with rats and mice in commercial settings.  Our tailored plans involve:

  • A thorough inspection of your facility focusing on harborages, entry points and sanitation
  • Identification of the type of rodents you are experiencing – mice, rats or both
  • Identification of corrective measures including sanitation and structural corrections
  • A site placement analysis to determine the correct placement of rodent stations with focus on fast elimination, effective control and minimal visual impact to your employees and customers
  • A service strategy designed to provide follow up visits ensuring your stations are properly maintained and effective
  • A pricing structure that is affordable with billing options to meet your needs
  • A warranty plan that gives you peace of mind that your problem will be solved

Termite Control

Termite Control – Commercial Services

Termites in your businesses can affect the way your customers view you and your company. They can pose serious risks to the health of your employees and the safety of your property. Even though termites are small, their affect on your business bottom line can be enormous.

Our Commercial Team specializes in providing termite protection to all commercial properties in Dallas, fort worth and throughout the DFW area.  Without termite protection, termite infestations and damages can create unplanned expenses that effect your bottom line.

A representative from our Commercial Team will perform a FREE termite inspection and then will customize a treatment plan that will protect your business while meeting your needs.  We offer the most innovative termite control solutions to protect your commercial property.

General Pest Control

General Pest Control – Commercial Services

Regular and recurring general pest control is a necessary part of doing business.  Business owners know that bugs or rodents can seriously damage their reputation, work environment or products they sell.  Metro Guard Termite and Pest understands the unique pest challenges presented at all types of businesses.  We can provide references from:

Airports, Banks, City Buildings, Churches, Daycare Facilities, Dentists, Doctors, Gas Stations, Hotels, Manufacturing Facilities, Office Buildings, Retail Stores, Schools, Shopping Centers, Veterinarians, Warehouses

Our pest control service is not only designed for your location, but for the pest pressure from surrounding buildings or vacant land.  When our commercially trained pest technician arrives at your location you can expect:

  • He will arrive on time
  • He will listen to your needs and the scope of pest service you require
  • He will thoroughly inspect your location
  • He will make notes of specific pest problems he discovers
  • He will make notes of sanitation issues and pest harborages
  • He will provide a bid for services describing what measures he recommends
  • He will explain our warranty and recommended service intervals
  • He can provide pest services immediately (that day) depending on the scope of your need


Call us today for a free, no obligation review of your facility or business. You’ll see why many businesses and their employees trust Metro Guard Termite & Pest Control.